So, we're working away on this ChopCult thing. One of the neat modules we've built is a photo collection segregated into loose categories called the "PhotoDump". This way if you want to look at a tidy group of Triumphs to research rear end length, look at various wheel sizes on a sporty, etc. you can do it in one place without wading through a bunch of nonsense posts on a traditional forum. I think a lot of guys have a "right-click" fetish where they've downloaded cool bikes to look at for reference later. I know I do. We've already uploaded a bunch of our favorites, but there really is no limit to it as long as the photo is sharp and the bike is cool. We'd be stoked to have your contributions to the collection.

Here are the categories:

Please make sure all pics are at least 800 pixels wide, in focus and well composed. We won't use all of them, but the ones that look the best will get added to the 'Dump. Send me a link to your FTP, or email the pics (no more than 5megs at a time please) to me here: bill@chopcult.com


Anonymous said...

What a brilliant idea! Definitely stoked about this.

Nathan said...

cant freaking wait for this.

Anonymous said...

Bill, you looking for original shots or stuff we've seen and saved from other sites?

Bill said...

Saved from other sites is OK, but if it's pro photographer content I'd be careful poaching that without asking.

For reference I'm including lots of images I've downloaded over the years but anything that was shot by a guy that I know earns a living making photos, I leave it alone.

Other people's snap shots don't seem sacred on the internet to me.

Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

got it - I'll start going thru stuff this weekend.