Baby Steps

Michael sent in this great pic of his son wearing the new metal flake Biltwell diaper.

He swears the boy is not crying, he's got his hands on imaginary handlebars and is sayin' "Bbbbbbwwaaaaahhh, bbwwwwwaaaahhhaaaa, bbbwwwaaahhhhaaa as he bangs through the gears.

Thanks Mike, awesome photo.



Fashion Serial Killer said...

haah that is a great photo.

fisharms said...

lmao! Great photo mike. That son of yours better have not crapped in that helmet I sold you!

Anonymous said...

"Because our non-DOT-approved DIAPER has no expanded polystyrene (EPS) LEAK-PROOF shell, it fits close to the danger zone—nobody wants to pull over and change a diaper on the roadside when they’re riding their chopper. Simply put, Biltwell diapers do not meet any DOT or other safety standards."