Gypsy Bound

Well, we're close. It's late Tuesday night/Wed morning and the trailer queens have made as far as Hinkley, Ohio. So far only a single flat on the trailer for a hold up, and we got that fixed in about 15 minutes for $8.00. Josh, Mike, Nick and I have been trading off driving and made some pretty good time since we left Temecula about midnight on Sunday. We were far enough ahead of schedule that we detoured up to Tyler's Lowbrow Customs HQ in time for some firepit/pizza/beer action and a nice floor to crash on. It's nice to get out of the van and stretch, though we have had fun with biker movie marathon; CC Rider, Satan's Devils, Hell's Angels 69, I can't remember all of the bad old movies we've burned through but there's been a lot of Triumph's riding through the desert and broads traded for old motorcycles. We're bringing a big jug of George and Wendy's Bachanora homemade Mexican moonshine to liven things up. Tomorrow it's straight in to Jersey to start working on bikes and get ready to ride the wild thunder.


dadadan said...

Hey just wanted to say you made my day today when I saw the van on rt 46 in Jersey on my way home from work. I was the punk in the black wrx wagon letting you guys over on to rt 17 and was all shocked that it was really the Biltwell van. wow im a looser but shit I can't make it to the run cause of work so theres some Jersey Hospitality for ya. I will try to make it to the party on sunday to show some more support its only blocks from home.

Unknown said...

Ha! No way. Thanks for letting us cut you off. We're navigating by iPhone and are constantly lost, we have been all over this crazy town tonight on bikes and in the van. Too funny, thanks for the hospitality. Walt and the rest of the crew have taken good care of us. We'll see you on Sunday, make sure to introduce yourself so we can have a laugh.