Here's to Productivity

This was one of those weekends with no particular plans. Not many of those around here lately. Turned productive in a hurry though, pretty much on accident. Great riding weather so I started off with a couple long overdue beers with a good friend on Friday night and then took the long way home. The weather is actually turning nice now. After the peak of summer heat, the last few days have been gorgeous and I found several excuses to ride. (I'm sure there is more high temps in store before it's over). Sat morning I sold my dad's 70 Shovel. Bittersweet. Whatever, motorcycles come and go and nothing beats my FXR anyway. Speaking of that I finished up a more robust mount on a Thunderheader and got that all sorted this week. Found out how far you have to lean to grind that bottom pipe this morning, that was cool. Might have to reinforce that area or that's not going to last. Also stopped the annoying derby cover leak so the bike won't look like pigpen anymore. Might swap the Apes for Chumps tonight. Almost time for the Gypsy Run and Ground Zero. More news on those two events tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Can we see apicture of your fxr with the chumps installed?-Eric