Long Day...

Wild day of getting lost all over Jersey and tearing through Manhattan and Brooklyn.
Thank God for some gracious friends out here for keeping us straight.

The Bowl Bash was in the coolest ancient building ever. More pics later.

Best meal in days, thanks GM.

Fixies and shants everywhere.

Rouser Rob does the Financial District.

Shot these for Oscar at Ground Zero.



Marius Mellebye said...

Awsome bikes!

Hobbs said...

One of those "Once in a Lifetime" experiences. Good luck boys.

Unknown said...

Looks fun, man. Got more shots of that second bike from the bottom with the rusty "X" wheels? I wanna draw that one.

Tyler said...

Man looks great, have fun out there..

Jenks, that is Rob Rouser's bike (http://rouserworks.blogspot.com/)

Chris said...

Hey Any thats Rob Rouser's here is a link to his blog.

Mandy said...

Please post more photos of that guy with the sparkly green bike.

Nick's Internet Stalker

The Crew said...

Nice photo of the firemen's memorial for Oscar... was the photo of the ice cream truck for me?

The Crew said...

I hear you on Sparkly Green BIke Nick, Mandy... he's dreamy!