Ripple Pipe

I know a few people have been looking for a source on the ol' ripple exhaust pipe stuff.
Here's a dude with 50+ sticks of it. Might wanna hit him up...



Anonymous said...

use-ta-could... I'm "that guy" mentioned above. It was pretty available back in the day, but with no demand, they stopped tooling up for it, and scrapped the machine. none has been produced since 03' I bought up all the back stock I could find, and when that ran out, I squeezed hard enough, and got in direct with the manuf. I bought the last dab that they had in the warehouse... long story short, if you find some, better buy it, otherwise give me a shout!

66triumph on CHOP CULT

P.S. thanks for the plug boy's!

Bill said...

Yep, since we make exhaust kits, I get asked about it all the time. Good for you for being smart enough to snatch it up Aaron.


To Aaron
please email me at roadburner13@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

e-mail sent... my e-mail/pay-pal addy is now listed in the classified ad... just click the link.


Anonymous said...

Could you e-mail me if there are any left. I only need one as I have a 2into1 exhaust. MeineKafer@gmail.com

Thanks, Jerry

Unknown said...

I am looking to have some rippled pipe made in 38mm stainless. It will be in 1m lengths with 30cm of ripple in the middle. Price will depend on how many people are interested.