Sporty For Sale

Well Shawn is throwin his sporty up for sale. I know he was hesitant about selling it as he has had a blast riding this one but I guess its time to move on and experience his recent FXR purchase. If your interested his shop Real Surf Shop is in Oceanside and his e-mail is

"This bike was built using only the best components, and as a daily rider for a year and a half was fun as hell to ride and super reliable. The stock frame has been stretched 4" and lowered 2 1/2" . Being a ridgid this thing is all go, at 350 lbs and hp in the mid 80's its one of the quicker bikes around town. Just a few custom touches are the 50's harmonica mic tail lights, the snowboard seat w/ fox air mountain bike shock, custom mid pipes w/ heat wrap, custom tbars, old leather solo bag, cut cam cover , rounded rocker boxes.
The motor was an 883 converted to 1200. It has a crane hi4 race ignition, and an s&s carb w custom air cleaner. It has some nice vintage looking avon tires with plenty of tread left. It has a simple wiring harness done by rich over at moreland choppers that has been insane , no electrical issues ever! The tins are raw metal clearcoated showing some nice patina and ready to run as is or be shot any color you desire. the king sporty tank is a 3.2 with a lowered petcock and an external gas guage." -Shawn

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