Trailer Queens almost Gypsy Runnin'

Hopefully by this time mañana we'll be headed east to pick up AZ Nick and continue truckin' to the Gypsy Run. Checking oils one last time tonight reminded me of this uncomfortable hunk of metal Walter carried 3000 miles in his... backpack from Jersey to CA when he rode out to the Bash. Thanks Walt, I love it. So much class. (It's a NYC subway token embedded into a custom plug for the oil tank on my FXR.)

So our final list for this stick is: I'm taking the FXR, Josh his chopped modern Triumph, AZ Nick's got his hand shift/clutch shovel, Fredo on his shovel, Matt from DicE on his shovel and my buddy Mike D. riding my '06 Triumph. Me, Josh and Mike D. hop in the van tomorrow night, then pick up Nick in Phoenix and hammer down from AZ. Fredo, Matt and Josh's wife are flying in and meeting us at Walt's in Jersey. I wish we were all riding out but it's just not possible this time. Maybe next year. Once we get to Jersey, it's the Bowl Bash on Thursday, Gypsy Run starts Friday AM and then we're going to hang in NY for a couple days afterward. We pull out Wed bright and early and head home, stopping in New Mexico for Trent and Noel's Ground Zero 4. I'll try to blog from the road and get some decent pics up as timely as possible.

Matt broke a lifter on the way to our shop on Thursday so that is top priority once we get to Walt's. Fredo's bike is finished but still having some issues cutting out when hot. Josh shorted out his wiring tonight working on a new headlight install, but luckily that circuit breaker we put in there took the heat. AZ Nick says he's ready to rock, just got freshly painted tins on all around last night and sorted last minute registration probs. I've spent more time, money and energy on the team van and trailer than the FXR. A couple bean bags, an army cot, 15 old biker movies on DVD, stocked cooler and new meats and we are ready to roll.

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Chessie (Chesshirecat) said...

one day,,, I would love an invite to ride with y'all to do something like this Gypsy Run...

The more distance the better is my motto...wanna ride or ya wanna whine about it? YOU GUYS RIDE...

Looking forward to more from you.