Knees in the Breeze

Some day I'm gonna do me the Country Mile. These dudes have so much class.

Just the other day a buddy of ours from an unnamed suburb south of LA and north of San Diego was telling me how a couple of his local bros were bitching about the upcoming Slab City Riot. "Dude, why they gotta make it so far?" All I gotta say is "Dude, that's the point!" Riding motos is fun and a couple hundred miles in a day isn't a big deal, it's just the start...



dalebfast said...

Fucking-A right, Bill! In fact, it's a hell of a lot of fun! Just about the best thing there is... except maybe for poontang.

BoBo Jufat said...

I'll stick it with tang. But I'll be at the Riot! fo su!