Sugar Bear's 70th B-day Party

Lisa Ballard Photo

We were fortunate enough to get invited to Sugar Bear Choppers in Gardena, CA yesterday for his 70th birthday party. Thanks, SB and Fuji for having us!

The bikes were long, the tacos were outstanding, the beer was cold and the vibe was mellow. It's just plain neat to listen to the man and absorb the history on the walls and on the shop floor and in his voice. It really makes me realize how little we've done and how much this guy has accomplished in his lifetime. I think Jesse James and his History of the Chopper show has done a lot to bring the talented and articulate Sugar Bear to the masses lately and it's good to see him get the respect he deserves. Thanks again!


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rustrocket84 said...

I would sell my soul to meet him and to have 1 oz of his knowledge and skill with bikes.