Pismo Beach

 Is that 1969 or 2009? The plastic jerry can and the Sportbike tire are the only things giving this photo away. Even the Jiffy Pop on JD I's bike is period correct. Nice writeup on last weekend's Pismo Beach freakout hellride on JD King's blog.


Ogri said...

My computer says thanks for the new wallpaper!

Davidabl said...

Helmets? There was no helmet law in CA in 1969.
People laughed at you if you wore one
(ask me how I know!)
I never saw any chopper guys wearing 'em before the
helmet law came in.

Bill said...

David, the two evos give it away too. Maybe it's 1999? I think Hal is just getting at the mellow road trip vibe more than anything.

Anonymous said...

don't forget the GPS thing-a-ma-jiggy on the bike on the upper right.

Davidabl said...

Yeah, the Evos do. Faded colors in pic made me think
for 1/10 second that it might be vintage, but the
helmets were the first giveaway. Back in the day,Harley riders only wore helmets at the racetrack. Unless they were cops.
It'd be like seeing somebody on a Harley in one of those Aerostitch suits..way, way, too nonconformist!

Anonymous said...

david i think you mean too conformist, not too nonconformist. did any of the states have a helmet law in 1969?

Davidabl said...

I meant it'd be too Nonconformist i.e. too different
from the guys' bros.
It was kind of a joke, with some truth to it.
The Aerostitich Roadcrafter may be the most practicalriding gear there is in terms of
protection/value/convenience for the commuter or
long distance rider. But they don't look "cool" at all. So I've never,ever seen anybody wearing one on a H.D.
I know a guy that wears one on his Buell rat, but he'sa very very hardcore nonconformist. Only blows his nose on bandannas, doesn't wear them. Buzz
cut, shaves face not head. Runs a printing company
in his basement in his spare time.

I think Oregon had a helmet law by the early 70's
but i can't swear to it.

I'm not the guy to ask about helmet laws, i always
preferred wearing a helmet anyway.

And, no, I don't wear a Roadcrafter, but i'm thinking about getting one :-)


And yes, it is raining now in this part of CA

Bill said...


I like your witty responses, and understand your point exactly. I blew up on the picture and noticed I was wrong, you can see three Evos in it. Not that it matters, McGoo's just making a joke and I don't think you are taking it too seriously.

I was three in 1969 so I'm obviously no expert. I was curious when the actual date was for CA helmet laws and found this:

...California's use law covering all riders took effect January 1, 1992...

And a little more history for the younguns:

In 1967, the federal government began requiring states to enact motorcycle helmet use laws to qualify for certain federal safety program and highway construction funds. Forty states enacted universal helmet use laws that went into effect by the end of 1969. By 1975, all but three states mandated helmets for all motorcyclists.

As the US Department of Transportation moved in 1976 to assess financial penalties on states without helmet laws, Congress responded to state pressure by revoking federal authority to assess penalties for noncompliance. Between 1976 and 1978, 20 states weakened their helmet use laws to apply only to young riders, usually those younger than 18. Eight states repealed helmet use requirements for all motorcyclists.

In the 1980s and early 1990s, several states reinstated helmet laws applying to all riders. In the 1991 Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act, Congress created incentives for states to enact helmet use and safety belt use laws. States with both laws were eligible for special safety grants, but states that had not enacted them by October 1993 had up to 3 percent of their federal highway allotment redirected to highway safety programs.

Four years after establishing the incentives, Congress again reversed itself. In the fall of 1995, Congress lifted federal sanctions against states without helmet use laws, paving the way for state legislatures to repeal helmet laws. In 1997, helmet laws in Texas and Arkansas were weakened to apply only to younger riders. Kentucky weakened its law in 1998, Louisiana weakened its law in 1999 only to reinstate universal coverage in 2004, Florida weakened its law in 2000, and Pennsylvania weakened its law in 2003. Now 20 states and the District of Columbia have helmet laws covering all riders, and 27 states have laws covering some riders, usually people younger than 18. Illinois, Iowa, and New Hampshire do not have helmet laws.

Anonymous said...

thanks for clearing that up. i'm not hip with stuff like aerostitch and roadcrafter. now i gotta google dat shit. still a rad picture regardless of the year. damn you spend a lot of time on this blog. guess i do too.

vinnie said...

Hey Bill. I think the helmet law came into effect in January 1993. My reason for this thought is that on 6-26-1993 I had a severe wreck. I collapsed my lungs, had a heart surgery and a spinal cord injury that permanently ruined my right arm. Anyhow I think that Helmet I was wearing really help. I remember that I had been riding with it for 6 months prior to the wreck. Although the helmet law may have been passed in 1992 with a one year grace period before being enforced. kinda like the cell phone and driving law. I guess it doesn't really matter though.

Davidabl said...

This is a question for the JJ --somebody will remember.

Davidabl said...

..Actually a closer read of your post settles it.
Jan 1 1992..and never any "partial repeal" in CA

It's hard for me to remember, because I have to think back to try to remember when I suddenly saw OTHER PEOPLE wearing them.
(besides cops, of course)

In 1969-1970 in SoCall people would pull up and ask "why are you wearing that thing?"
..as if it was sort of prosthetic device.
Or maybe like when they see somebody with a cast and ask "what happened?"