Slab City Riot Pre Party

Anyone who has been on an EDR knows that there is usually a decent pre-party the night before for people traveling in from out of town. We're going to do the same thing for the Riot.

Of course you can just meet everyone at the Slabs, but if you want to ride out in a cluster f... I mean group, meet up the night before and then ride out the next morning with us. We are not taking the most direct route, we are taking the BEST route for riding your motorcycle! We don't have a Road Captain or anything that organized but we'll post a map that you should print and bring in case you get lost and if you can keep up with the pack you can just follow along. The route is super fun for about 100 miles, pure twisties in the mountains, it's hard to believe you are only about an hour or so from LA or San Dog. The first 100 miles goes down old highway 395 and on to Julian, gaining elevation to about 4,200' and then a rapid, winding descent into the Anza Borrego desert at sea level. The last 50 miles is a little boring, but we'll show you the quickest shortcut through the farm-country and to the Slabs. Our route has gas stops every 50 miles or less, so ridiculously small tanks shouldn't be a problem and we plan on stopping along the way so riders can top off. We are planning on leaving Saturday morning from our favorite breakfast joint: The Swing Inn at exactly 8:00AM.

Back to the pre-party. It's nothing super fancy, we'll just meet up at Sweet Lumpy's BBQ on Friday night about 7:00PM. Note to locals, Lumpy's moved lately, it's up on 3rd street now by the under construction parking structure behemoth. We'll eat their famous pulled-pork sangwhiches and drink some beer. It lasts as long as it lasts, again nothing fancy or really organized, just good times. You can find local hotels here. The Roadway and Ramada are the closest to Lumpy's and The Swing Inn.

Just for the record we are not providing any "chase" vehicles but if you have a girly friend driving a truck they are encouraged to cruise behind the pack and help people out if they need it. Our four-wheeled machines are going ahead of us to get the beer cold and make sure things are dialed at the Slabs.

We'll publish a map of the whole route in the next couple days and you'll want to print it out just in case. See you soon!


RockinRyan said...

So I'm assuming get to the Swing Inn before 8:00 if you want to eat?

Unknown said...

That would be wise!

RockinRyan said...

Cool, looks like I'm getting up early then.