Picture Booth

We've often thought it would be cool to have more pics of the people who go to the kinds of events we throw. You know, something better than the drunken snapshots we all take. Well, photographer Wes Drelleshak is into the idea too. So, at the Riot this weekend if you see a guy setting up some gear and lights, shooting people and bikes, it's Wes D, and you are welcome to join in. He'll be doing professional-quality shots of riders and their bikes, and we'll publish them here on the blog and on his once we get back and he sorts it all out. It'll be neat to see what kind of collection of people and machinery we end up with so by all means, roll your bike over and get in front of the Chopperatzi!


BCM said...

That's a lot of gear for Wes to be carrying on his bike?

BFJOSH said...

Wes rides bikes?

Flatironmike said...

Wes has a lovely flower in his hair..... hibiscus????

Wes Drelleshak Photography said...

Dang, I don't have a riding bike Kim.thanks for calling me out....
I have 5 non running jap. bikes.
Best friend Josh, I do ride other people's bike's
Flatironmike, Thats not me I much uglier.