Rider Down

We left the Old Mill in San Quintin this morning, hauling balls out the seven miles of sandy dirt road to get back to the highway and onward to Ensenada, the final stop of the trip. Keegan took off a little early and wadded it up over one of the bigger bumps in the road. He's OK. Thankfully he was wearing a Bell Moto3 helmet, boots and a jacket. Otherwise it would have obviously been much worse. He's pretty bruised up and has a couple small scrapes but is otherwise fine. So lucky. This pic was snapped just a minute or two after I rode up on him and found him sitting on his bike just like this on the side of the road. Keegan is a great guy and it sucked to see him choke on an extra large slice of humble pie like this, but I'm really glad he's alive and not hurt much worse. The Sporty, well, it's not so fortunate.


Davidabl said...

It's actually cool when the rider is o.k. but the bike's
Fu'Dup... I had the opposite happen one time.

Davidabl said...

...also on a street bike in the dirt.

xbrooklynx said...

Same thing happened to me in southern utah... Had to ride the 300 mile trip back home with bent handle bars and broken brake lever.

wickedblockhead said...

is the bike ok?

Anonymous said...

The primary is ground completely through, bars folded up, trans won't shift, had to cut the belt off to get it rolling. Body work and blinkers all gone. I don't think the forks or frame are bent but hard to tell.


Hermit said...

Been there done that.