Slab City Aftermath

Whoa. What a weekend. Thanks to everyone who rode out for the wildest event we've done to date. I took the exhausted kegs back to Ballast Point today. These guys were so generous to hook us up and the fact that the kegs lasted as long as they did is proof of the high quality.

I also took a trip down to visit Lowbrow Custom's Kyle Malinky in the hospital today. He went down in a corner outside of Julian on Saturday morning and ended up with a painfully broken jaw and foot. He's been through surgery and is doing fine, but will have his face wired shut for about six weeks. He and Tyler will be flying home to Ohio tomorrow. Good luck dude, heal up soon!

We'll be uploading more photos and stuff over the next week, but here's a few for now.


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Motorradfahrer said...

First event I've been to that was hosted by you guys. Had a blast! Thank you guys so much for putting on such a great event!