Thanks for the Mammaries

Too many good times, good bikes and good vibes at last weekend's Biltwell Slab City Riot to recount here. Instead, please gather the intel here and here:

To Ballast Point Brewery, thanks for the topshelf barley beverages

To Josh, Rebe, Mike D, Terry, Kit, Joel and all the other willing volunteers, thanks for lending a hand

To Bill, thanks for running lead on the Saturday morning ride from Biltwell HQ to the Range

To Builder Bill and the locals at Slab City, thanks for letting us party in your front yard. Sorry about the trash.

To the geetered out hippy chick at the fire pit, thanks for flashing the flesh. You are a class act.

And to everyone who made the trek to our event, thanks for coming! None of this would be possible or worth doing without your support.



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Fashion Serial Killer said...

Thanks for the good times!!! SO much fun.