We are so stoked to finally have distribution in Canada. Hockey fans no longer have to pay so much for shipping and will get your parts much faster. Rogue Speed Shop is a distributor (sells to indy shops) and dealer (sells to consumers) so hit 'em up if you are looking for Biltwell stuff in the Great White North.


Richie said...

Speaking of Canada, I've always wanted them to sing the Canadian National Anthem more like a loving, yet disapproving mother.
Say it with me (I know inflection will be tough on your computer screen), "Oh, Canada....."

misterthefisherman said...

Rogue website doesn't work! the only have a blogspot, and they are in vancouver, far away from the eastern side of Canada! so not easy to buy, at least for my experience today!

Bill said...

Considering this post is four years old, it's not exactly the most up to date info anymore.