FXR UPR Refresh

Time for a quick freshen-up on the FXR. Mechanically it's sound as ever so it's just some light cosmetics and regular maintenance this round. Two owners ago, someone had the bright idea to bedazzle the mags with that diamond cut nonsense. It's been so dirty that you couldn't really tell, but it's been bugging me for a year or more now. So, a little powdercoat and the dazzle will be dimmed. Also working on making a narrower, longer seat with some more kick in the back. Duane calls it "one of those bullshit Japanese seats" but I think deep inside he really likes 'em. All the other junk I did to it last year seems to be holding up and I finally settled into my favorite bars for this bike. I probably tried four different set ups last year, but the Chumps just work. Also finally getting around to putting the proper lower on the right fork leg so I can go for some dual-disc action.

Looks like Spiccoli was hanging in the garage but it's really just smoke from carving up that plastic seat pan.


Nick said...

Bill.... I see fruitboots in your garage.....Seriously?

Bill said...

Nick, those are not fruitboots, they are inline-shralping devices. I often tear around the neighborhood in my favorite sweatpants and do tricks off curbs for the children. Thanks for your attention to detail.