Fat Old Man on FatBMX

Our friend Bart DeJong of The Netherlands is the founder and editor of what has to be the most comprehensive website extant for today's BMX scene. All phases of the sport are covered on this site: freestyle, street, racing, you name it. Bart's brother Paul is a Biltwell distributor in the Benelux, and a big chopper fanatic himself. A new feature on FatBMX.com called Workshop Wednesday broke today, and Bart chose yours truly as the first subject. Bart was visiting my home in Lake Elsinore when I started working on my first bike five years ago, and took some of the photos in this story. The connection between BMX and choppers is growing, and the line between both scenes makes perfect sense. People who grew up on BMX bikes in the '80s and '90s are gravitating to choppers for their two-wheeled fix. It's what got me into the scene, and I know it's happening with Biltwell customers because I've talked to dozens of old-school BMXers at rides and events.

If you love BMX, the Fat site is a must-read. Thanks for interviewing me for your website, Bart, and good luck with this new feature.

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