New Year's Revolutions: More Dirt in the Diet

Click the image for a super long helmet cam video from Saturday.

I don't care much for the idea of New Year's Resolutions. I think if you want to change something you should do it whenever the need arises and not put it off 'til the following year. My first ride of 2010 however has me rethinking this a little bit. I did some solo trail blasting down in Baja over the holidays and rekindled my love for the trusty old XR650L. It's not an inspirational bike at any one task, but it can do everything adequately and with nary a complaint. Sure there are more modern, faster machines out there but this is an $1800 street legal motorcycle. And, it's a Honda and we all know Jesus loves Hondas. I'd love to find another one to use as a donor bike to build something like this. I can't bring myself to cut this one up, it's just too fun as it sits. One of these days I'll shave that seat foam and put a lowering link on it so I can actually put a foot down when I need to. So there's my resolution, I'm going to ride dirt a little more this year. I might even get a proper helmet and boots again, my feet are killing me from riding in Vans for hours. Kim, Moeller, McGoo, where you at? Let's do some trail riding!



3rd R said...

Let me know when.

eddie c said...

I'll try to get chris to come out. I have an extra dirtbike for him.