Vantastic Monday

Brought to you by Jalopnik. Can you imagine explaining the paint scheme you want to the airbrush artist? Yeah dude, so anyway, I'm thinking a giant, sad looking frog peeping up out of a lake of piss on the moon while some Inca/tiki things play lifeguard. Oh yeah, and a city on a hill in a bubble of course. And hearts, put some hearts on there. The inside looks classy and cozy and that long wheelbase allows for plenty of action.


Fashion Serial Killer said...

amazing.. also, the person musta been on acid when they envisioned this paint scheme.

Davidabl said...

Now, THAT'S the guy that was "hittin' the pipe."
When i see this stuff i think that it's a GOOD thing
that the '70's-'*0's are over.