The Master Piece?

We've been making a few changes around Biltwell HQ lately. Of course, we all have bike projects that should be getting more attention and lord knows we've all got plenty of work to do. A while back Mike D. said something like "this area should be a bar, man" or something like that. Well, I only need a little arm twisting to start something stupid so the plan was set in motion. Last month a 10' long oak bar was rescued from a Palm Springs VFW (actually from a retirement mobile home park where a nice gentleman had rescued it from the VFW) and magically appeared in the back of the team van. Our "shop" isn't much to see, more like a few offices, a cluttered little shop area and a bunch of warehouse space. People are always popping by to hang out, pick something up, or whatever and we don't have much to show off. I think it was after our visit to Foundry Moto, after absorbing their stellar work environment that Mike had the epiphany. We'll never be cool enough to have multiple bars, a massive antique selection and more tiki's than Waikiki, but we figured we could have something a little cool without going completely bust. So, the lowly showroom up front is all torn up. Some wainscoting went up Saturday and the old purple carpet hit the dumpster. Today Mike, BFJosh and I laid down some black on the lower sections and primered the walls for a dose of flat red. Temecula Terry, always the beer hookup, has kindly donated some signage and beer swag to make things a little more authentic. This week a couple drop lights go in to replace the surgery ward fluorescents for a more swanky feel. Now when people from out of town drop by they can add a bottle to the collection, take a couple pulls and leave thinking the place was way cooler than it really was! Once we actually get it finished or at least get a couple barstools, we'll throw a couple rides and we can end up back at the shop and not have to pay $5.00 a drink and some crappy local watering hole.

Doing a little shopping at the Rose Bowl swap this weekend, between dodging hipsters and their dogs in purses, I did find a couple nice items for the bar. An original "Master Piece" for only $5.00. It can be filled with any liquor and then a little pump on the back makes the kid pee it out. Genius, I say. The swanky orange ash tray will be for snacks of course, you'll be smoking outside, and the vintage Hawaii swizzles add sizzle to any drink.

Really? I hope that spoiled little varmit shits on your shoe.

Anyone got a kegerator they wanna trade for a couple sparkly helmets?

OK, enough, back to work already!


Fashion Serial Killer said...

Don't forget the pickled eggs!

Erik Westergaard said...

Damn, guess I am overdue for a visit to BWHQ.

Hoodlum Society said...

It's "Menneke Pis", not just a little kid pissing. It's Belgium's most famous statue. Hey Mike, where is the BAVARIA BIER sign??


The Crew said...

Figures the Coach of The Hard Core Drinking Team can take me to school on that one. Shit, I had art history in college and everything. Thanks, Paul!