NORRA Mexican 1000

Last year we talked about racing this. Now it's a month away and we haven't done shit. I hope they keep doing it, because eventually we might be able to pull something off. It would be epic for sure. I'm gonna try and go down and at least spectate for part of it this year.

Check out the NORRA site. You can download course maps and see how much riding these guys are gonna get done on old machines. Respect.


Dan Born said...

I really want to do this and think it is a fantastic idea. Making it available to vehicles up to 1989 doesnt exactly make it "vintage" though. Should stick to Pre-80's machines.
I am curious where the 700 dollars i would have to pay would go too though. I'm assuming that doesnt include the hotels, fuel, support, etc.

Bill said...


I've raced baja plenty of times and I can tell you that the entry fees are always massive. Try entering the Baja 1000 with SCORE. The entries are way higher. The logistic costs involved in designing and marking the course, securing passage through two Mexican states, including highways, private farmland and everyone with their hand out are massive. I don't know how they do it honestly, it's gotta be a ton of work. So, nothing you do on your end is covered. This is part of what makes desert racing such a bitch and so special at the same time. You really have to want it, because it's a giant money pit with zero pay back for 90% of the field. Anyway, sorry for the rant. I happen to agree with you on the dates and "vintage" but there wasn't enough interest from people with old bikes so they had to raise the bar to get some more entries.

Dan Born said...

Totally get it. Either way, its great to see something like his happaning. Better start saving my nickels and dimes for next year.

Bill said...

...and sorry, I meant "lower" the bar, not "raise" it.

Good deal, Dan. Hope you make it.