The Parti Animal

I'm still buzzing from a humbling experience today. Wes D. and I drove up and hung out with Wes White from Four Aces and shot hours of footage with the legend, Mike Parti. It'll take weeks to edit what we've got and turn it into something for Chop Cult, but I guarantee one thing: it'll be worth it. The old adage "I've forgotten more than you'll ever learn" could not be more true. The cool part is Mike didn't feel the need to rub it in at all. We could have listened to his stories all day, and getting a chance to wander around the garage he's inhabited for fifty years was an honor. Listening to Mike, the whole experience, really makes me feel like I haven't done anything or been anywhere significant, ever. It was that religious, and Mr. Parti is The Goddamn Pope. Respect your elders. Stay tuned.

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I can't wait this will be good.