The Big Deuce

I've been on a WW2 bender lately, reading a couple books in a row on the Pacific campaign. Even subscribed to HBO temporarily for the "Pacific" series that is on Sunday nights. I hate television but am a sucker for ten hour war epics and this one is no let down. Last week I saw a link on facebook to this photo collection and was stoked to find so many amazing images. Being an old Marine Corps tanker, it gets me pumped to see the tank pics especially. This is the ultimate marriage of death-dealing and machinery. The airplanes are easy to love, but tanks are just so much more filthy and a team effort at all times. Mobility, Shock, Firepower - forever. No wonder these guys came back and felt like cutting up motorcycles and raising hell.


Anonymous said...

I was a 19 Kilo Tanker myself for the US Army from 92 - 97. I Lucked out and got to train on three differant Abrams in my career. The M1 in basic, the M1A1 in Korea and the M1A2 in Ft. Hood, Texas. I did it all, drive, load, shoot and constant maintenance. Best job I ever had. Good times!

Bill said...

Ha! Bob, I was an 1811 M-60 tanker, 1st Tank Battalion, 1st Mar Div 85-89. Also did about six months on the bridge tanks, that was quite a cool job. Much later a 19k on M1A1's in the ANG for a few years. Fun stuff for sure, but LOTS of work. Got reclassed as 11B and went to Iraq without a tank. Bwwahhh!