Chromatic Death

We've been working real hard on this new product behind the scenes. You know you are going to die someday, and it's probably going to be while doing something stupid on your deathtrap motorcycle. So, to remind all your relatives of what a colorful character you were, we've designed up these super sweet coffin wraps. You can personalize it with a right side primary shovelhead with tasteful paint or send us a real picture of the dude inside enjoying the good ol' days and we'll make it custom.


Erik Westergaard said...


Fashion Serial Killer said...

Memento Mori!

Motorradfahrer said...

Haha! Awesome!

Davidabl said...

Giftwrapped with a large red bow..only because
skulls and flames might bring the resident bad luck
in the afterlife

Hoodlum Society said...

Can you put a FIXIE on the coffin instead of a chopper? If so I want to order a 7 footer.