¡Doin' it Baja!

It looks like the folks at Vice are putting the finishing touches on last year's epic Baja trip. Seeing this right before our Biltwell 500 event is really getting me stoked on doing some Mexico riding. We'll be camping at the same spot featured in the first episode of the film, Quatro Casas, so you can get a little preview of what you are getting into. Expect to see stuff on vbs.tv in late May, but for now we have this trailer.

If you aren't familiar with VBS, settle in with a good internet connection and watch some of the nuts films these guys are putting together. I don't mean nuts in a Jackass stunt kind of way. I mean nuts like filming a trip into North Korea, exploring the Salton Sea and buying guns in the Khyber pass. Not your everyday travel channel and I'm honored to have worked with these guys. Let's do another one, Chainsaw!

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