Biltwell 500 Update

Click the video to watch a little edit put together last year by some surfers who drove down for the first time. Note, they took a different road in, ours is slightly more bike friendly. Jiggly shakas, brah!

Alright... Everything is locked on for the 500. Richard down at Quatros has been working, getting the little restaurant sorted and ready to serve up some chow to hungry bikers. Outdoor PA set for some tunes and he's cleaned up more rooms for anyone who doesn't feel like camping. There's also some boats next door if a couple guys want to pitch in on one and rent a dry docked boat instead of throwing out a tent or whatever, there'll be some available. Speaking of boats, there's an old battered craft that isn't exactly sea-worthy anymore, but is all wood construction. The best way to get rid of these rat traps according to Richard is to put 'em out on the cliff, throw in some dry cholla catcus and torch 'em. So, when you pull up and see a boat parked in front of the hostel, you probably don't want to go setting up your kit very close to that boat. Just sayin!

If you have any questions about traveling in Mexico, read these tips here.

Check out Quatros Casa's Myspace page.

Here's the map. Everyone should know the route, there is no way the whole crew will stick together the entire time, but we'll do our best.

Thanks to everyone who's asked us about sponsorship. We're going to do this one solo since it's the first year and we don't want to over-promise and under-deliver. Word is there might be a Slab City Riot 2 in Novemeber however, and we'll be working on sponsorship packages for that. Stay tuned and thanks for the support...


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