Back Home!

Well, I think everyone made it back in the ol' US of A, mostly in one piece. I'll put a more detailed blog up later once we go through all the photos, but here's a couple in the meantime. Epic trip, huge thanks to everyone who came! If anyone has photos they want to share, hit me up at bill@biltwellinc.com.


Juno said...


Never got to thank you for putting this together. Me and my girl had an awesome time despite the near death experience, thanks

Bill said...

Ha, ha. Thanks for coming Juno, I'm glad you guys still had fun despite all the close calls!

BoBo Jufat said...

Finally uploaded the 588 flickr photos I took minus the moon colony savers, enjoy (but they're not as nearly bad ass as the back seat camergal you had!).
All I can say is "Fire Power!"

Mandy said...

Thanks for everything Bill, I can't wait to go back (and I really dig my new hoodie - it's going to get worn out).