Doin' it Baja 4, 5, 6, and 7

I've been slacking on updates from the VBS trip. Here's some links to the latest episodes. I wish I had done something cool like rebuild a bottom end with a pocketknife or something, but alas, all I did was change a fuse, replace a few lost bits and find a campsite in a storm-tossed village that no one was stoked on. Heath boxing in San Ignacio was nothing short of epic though. Harv's bike blowing up sucked, but comes with the territory.

Long live big trips on motorcycles.


a-bone said...

where can I buy or download the full length version of this? I get gose-bumps when I watch this shit, I'm trying t talk my brother into something like this...


Bill said...

A-bone. I'm not sure if they are going to make a full DVD release like that, but if they do I'll post the info on here.

Tell your brother there is really only one highway going the whole way, so it's pretty easy. Good luck!