Why oh why?

I don't know much about jet engines, but I'm pretty sure a whole bunch of crazy fire comes out the back end. (pointing right at that rear tire) Actually the dude mentions still needing to put the "exhaust unit" on there. Hopefully it's a big hill billy smokestack that shoots flames 20 feet in the sky.


SUMO said...

can only assume hes going the tried and tested swan-neck http://www.madv8bike.com/id10.html

who doesnt love the sound of a jetbike roaring down the strip - pure porn

logi said...

Now that's a death machine.

Trent Reker said...

what you do is put a thick asbestos "fender" in front of the tire and skewer a pig in front of it. hillbilly rides to get some keystone light, comes back, and the pig is cooked.

yee haw.