Stolen Bike Alert

This just in from Shawn: 
It's true. Bike is safe and sound at home. Thanks to eveyone for the positive vibes.
I'm happy beyond belief. They caught the kid who did it too sounds like he'll get charged but according to the cop, he's been in trouble before and likely again. So it goes.

Thanks again for spreading the word.

Our favorite Canadian went and got his crusty little motorcycle stolen. This isn't your everyday machine, so keep an eye out for it...


Motorradfahrer said...

Shitty. Saw that bike at Born Free. Really, a great bike. Hope he's one of the few that recovers his bike.

Anonymous said...

so fuckin lame. I hate poachers. I've had 2 bikes stolen. 10 years later i still get bummed when i think about my 56 chopped trumpet being gone. I hope justice is served on the cock sucker that poached that sweet sled.

Chris/Blue Collar Moto said...

I would hope that with all the reposting thats gone on today he gets it back and someone ends up in the hospital.

Trent Reker said...

glad you got it back, man.