Bootin' the Beers

Our friend Terry is a beer dude to his core. His blog is all about beer and the occasional  motorcycle. Two things I can appreciate. Yesterday him and Creepy Dylan threw a party at Dylan's house and called it a "Beer Booter". It was a booter all right. Mike D. and I limped the overheating Chang sidecar bike over there and had some beers, ate some food, watched the most hilarious slow motion drunk boxing match in the driveway and had a low key good time. Our friend Tim got his Sporty nearly crushed by a semi truck earlier in the day, the wheel marks in his exhaust prove it. Tim's name is now "Lucky" and we sure are glad he made it to Dylan's alive. Thanks for having us and we'll see you guys at the next one! Next stop, Slab City!

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WoMpY said...

Jesus loves beer (or is that just Tony)