Born Loser, Sponsor of the Slab City Riot 2

Shoot, first time I stumbled across the Born Loser blog, I thought I'd died and gone to harlam heaven. Mike Davis' ode to massive mammaries of the au natural kind and his showcasing of all kinds period-perfect parts instantly earned the site a daily visit from my browser. Just good, timeless stuff that every man with a penchant for perkies and a bit of a cycle psychosis can appreciate. So I asked Mike to clue me into how he got started collectin' and maybe share some pics of some of the stellar scoots he's built and heres what he fired back with...

"Got into it about 9 years ago after seeing a few cool Triumphs riding around. I got my first one and was hooked from there. I really don't know how the parts thing started...probably from my obsession with collecting old shit. I have a gnome & sprinkler collection that rivals any of the bike stuff. When I get into something and it consumes all my thoughts,so when motorcycles hit my brain it was on & I can't turn it off....I have tried & I can't stop.I love old bikes& parts and get super pumped when I see the stuff I sell on being put to good use..I have made so many friends doing this stuff and that's worth way more than making some coin. Hope that works".

Yea, Mike, that works.  But I do got one more question for ya...Exactly how many set's of vintage Z-bars do you really own, man?!

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