Big Thanks

Lots of thanks to be given for all the help making this year's Slab City Riot take place. This event couldn't have happened if it weren't for like-minded people chipping in all around. The bands played for peanuts, the sponsors donated time, energy and dough. The food vendor C Fiesta kicked ass, Pabst donated case after case of beer, and Lowbrow Customs and the Rubbertree boys funded and ran the Whisky bar. Beer Breed brought a free keg to share, and everyone else who brought firewood or otherwise pitched in. Big props to the fearless gladiators of the Coctagon, that was quite a show! Thanks of course to the locals of Slab City who let us invade their sanctuary from the real world, if only for the weekend.

The reason we do events like this is simple: they are centered around riding your motorcycle and having fun. Sure, free beer and good music is essential, but riding your machine to somewhere weird to hang out with people even weirder, well, that's what we like to do, and apparently so do about 1,500 other kooks.

We're already talking about next year...

Please support the people who support grass roots events like this:

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BeerBreed said...

You Biltwellinc. boys sure know how to put on a shin-dig!
Us at BeerBreed are happy to support your vision that allows us like minded people to come together. We thank all of you that support our company and allow us to give back to you at events like Slab City Riot.
Im mentally still trying to catch up with how many cool people I met as well as the visual ecstasy that surrounded me.
It makes us look forward to supporting the next Biltwellinc/Chopcult event that supports our life style!

Cheers to all who took the time
Keep the rubber side down and the beer flowin

Atom Rotten