The Metric System

Picking on these guys is so tired, but you need to watch this.


Kyle said...

That's just scary hahaha

Metrication matters said...

Dear Kyle,

I's not only scary, it's costly. As you watch the 2:30 video, work out how long it takes four employees to do this calculation and then assess the chances of their getting it right and not having to waste further time and materials correcting mistakes.

By the way, this bike was designed and built to have the exhaust brackets 180 millimetres at the front and 140 millimetres at the back. Now work out how long it would take to figure out 180 - 140 = ? mm

By the way, if you extend this cost to the whole of the USA the cost is incredible. See http://www.metricationmatters.com/docs/CostOfNonMetrication.pdf


Pat Naughtin
Geelong, Australia

rustrocket84 said...

Idiots to the nth degree. I know a lot of people hate the metric system but learning it young makes it easy now. Reminds me of my supervisor at work trying to figure out volume of a cylinder.

logi said...

Royale with cheese.

motoguru. said...

Reminds me of how I felt when I bought my ironhead after working only on modern triumphs for 5 years.