Time Pirates

Today was a whirlwind of activity. Talk about being a "Time Pirate"! I think I successfully invaded the personal space of at least a dozen people in southern California today. The morning started with order packing and more warehouse rack building. Local friends and one stray (but motivated) Canadian helped get the last batch of racks installed in the new place, and we also got the reception/bar area designed and construction on that starts tomorrow morning. Then I met up with Craze from EC about lunch time and we jammed over to Slim's Fab Farm to check out his operation and shoot the shit. It was way too nice of a day for driving trucks so me with fork legs sticking out of a backpack and Craze with a gas tank bungeed to his Dyna made a big loop through the Inland Empire, getting errands done. We could have never made this many visits in this amount of time on four wheels. Next stop Spitfire Motorcycles where Jason had to drop off a tank and I shot a bunch of Chop Cult features. Nice to meet Paul and Scrotum over there and we were treated to dinner by Steve from Heavy at The Deli, where pretty young girls wearing aprons and not much else carve up some mean sandwiches. From Rancho Cucamonga we blasted over to Corona and spent a little time with master machinist Wompy where I dropped off some forks for some of his super special magic. Must have been a little over 100 miles because I hit reserve right after picking up Craze and again about ten miles from home. We were blessed with perfect sunny riding weather, and it was a great day of getting stuff done and getting some riding in at the same time. Sorry to all you snowbound dudes, this was one of the few days where living in California almost seemed worth the hustle. Thanks to everybody for letting us poach a little bit of your day.

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