"Seldom Seen Slim" above out in Panamint Valley (look him up!) with a few guys riding Trumps.
If you need a weekend camping destination for riding, shooting guns and very few people, go to Trona pinnacles and or Panamint Valley/Death Valley. You can go visit Charles Manson's ranch or ride trails for days. What more can you ask for??


x10mr said...

this guy is a real character. had the pleasure of meeting him on my last trip out there.

rustrocket84 said...

Death Valley kicks ass. Wildrose Campground is free and the road into is shitty and fun. Rhyolite ghost town on the east side going towards Beatty is pretty cool also.

Unknown said...

I met a Seldom Seen Slim out in Bonneville last year. Great guy! Wonder if it's the same cat?