Honda Help

There is a dude in Perris, CA that knows Hondas, worked for the company for 28 years so he knows a thing or two about the venerable fours. He doesn't care much for Choppers, but he'll build you a tight CB750 engine all day long. He's got a few spare parts too, and his prices are reasonable. The best thing is the parts or service you buy come with a little extra knowledge thrown in. He doesn't mind sharing all kinds of tips and hard earned experiences with a dumb ass off the street like me. Dennis prefers stockers and resto jobs but he won't look down on you if you are a chopper guy looking for carb work or a set of forks or engine rebuild. He works out of his house in one of the most organized and jam-packed set ups I've ever seen. I almost hesitate to put his info up here but he said it was OK.

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