Praying Mantis Update

Made the most significant progress on Sumo's Praying Mantis Honda today: registration. No numbers on this frame so it got a blue tag, but it's legal now and the real work can begin. Thank you, office McFriendly. Picked up new oil lines, new battery and some 7/8" stock to make bars out of last week. Now it's time to actually do something. If you live in the UK, (or even if you don't) you should check out Sumo's site Vintage Chop. He's a Biltwell stockist among other good things, has a crazy passion for all things motorcycle related and puts on a neat event called the Tipple Run every year. Our mission with this old roach is to get it running/riding and ready for the EDR so Sumo can fly in, hop on and freak out.


SUMO said...

happiness comes in weird shaped green packages.

you're a gent

Duane Ballard said...

That bike fucking rules! Perfect example of an early digger. Time machine.

Rowan said...

bloody nice bike !!

Sumo has far too many nice toys ;)

WoMpY said...

Remember safety third!!