Keystone Bars

Our bro Spindle over in the UK recently got his bike "Novice" featured in 100% Biker magazine. I'd say the chromoly Keystones have never looked better! These bars look best narrowed as much as possible, so if you are not running stock controls, get the non-dimped ones and lop the ends off like Spindle did with his.


SUMO said...

class bike - runs well too. spindle did the tipple run on it last year. although about 30 miles into the 500 miles he was complaining of a sore arse ha

so pretty shiny bike CAN be ridden decent distance.

Spindlebilt said...

i felt violated, and whats this 500 mile milarky, im from up norffff, just over a 1000miles round trip for me mister, still, i looked good doiing the side saddle thingy, and are you still saluting, ha ha