Don't ask me to go find fire wood unless you really want some!

Carrie and I were out all last week, so we'll be playing catch up this week. If we owe you an email or phone call, don't worry, we will get back to everyone. While McGoo, Mike and Kenzie were hustling we were goofing off with the family down in Mexico for spring break. We have a little shack off the grid about 150 miles south of Ensenada where there is no cell service or internet (or people for that matter), just analog fun and hermit living. I was super stoked that Canada Shawn happened to be ending his three-week long Mexico adventure and came by the house for a night. He'd been all over mainland Mex on his Sporty and then just hauled ass up Baja in two days. The dirt road to the house is about ten miles, but poor Shawn probably did about 25 off-road looking for it (he'd only been there once). He made it just before dark and hung out for some smores and firepit action and then hit the road in the morning. I followed him out in the old beater Baja bug just to make sure he made it. (Like the dude needs my help with anything!) Thanks for making the detour Shawn, Carrie and the kids were stoked to meet you and of course I was inspired as always. Back to work...

All kids should learn to drive a stick in a 40+ year old car with no brakes on dirt roads.

Some day we'll finish that garage...

The mile-eating Canadian having a little desayunos before hitting the road.

There is some wild thunder riding going on here. Shawn in his natural habitat. 

Period correct.

If you are going to get dragged down the beach on a piece of plywood, please wear proper safety equipment.


62 Ironhead said...

Sounds like good old fashioned family fun...and not an ipod in sight.

Tyler said...

Looks like paradise

Shawn said...

Thanks again for your hospitality.

Really dig the look o your boys face,
"Yeah, I'm the balls."

And yeah, driving a 40 year old car with no brakes in the Baja gives him that right.