El Diablo Run 2011

It's coming up! Less than a month to go. We did this kooky event for the first time five years ago. The motivation was simple. Everything else seemed silly. We wanted to do something that was more like a surf trip and less like shopping in a parking lot. It's not for everyone, though it is open to everyone. Does that make sense? What I mean is, everyone is invited, but plenty of people won't get it, and that's just fine. The universe for people who enjoy this kind of thing is only so big. The reason I say "that's fine" is because the shared hardship of riding to somewhere weird breeds camaraderie, and that is what makes the EDR fun. It's a foreign country. Some people are scared. Some don't give a shit. Either way, we dig it and we'll have a blast whether a dozen people show up, or several hundred. We've been asked for estimates on attendance, and while that's impossible to judge, I'd say it's going to be the biggest one yet. We will see soon enough!

We'll be handing these sweet shooters out, first come, first serve.

Stay tuned to the EDR blog for updates.

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