Hustler Review

When Kenn at 2WF.com contacted me about getting a Hustler helmet to review during a recent test he was doing on a couple of new bikes, I jumped at the chance. It's hard to impress sport bike guys who are used to helmets that cost four or six-times as much as ours, but we were confident. Kenn liked it and appreciated the details that make this helmet so quiet and comfortable and that it wasn't just our sticker on someone else's design.

A real tester can pick up on the subtle design tweaks whether it's a motorcycle with a recent mod or the fit of a helmet, and Kenn nailed it with this review. I didn't give him any other info, except what he was able to glean from the website. What he noticed is something we've been concerned with since day one – fit. I've owned three expensive race helmets, and on each of them I had to pry out part of the liner in front and shave some hard foam, otherwise my forehead would ache after an hour or two, or even less when riding/driving in the dirt. (Maybe not the safest, but it made them bearable.) Obviously everyone has a different head and it's really hard to determine fit over the internet, even based on the tape measure method because some people's grape is a long oval, some a wide oval and a few of you freaks have round heads. The Hustler tends to be more comfortable on an Anglo-melon which is generally a long oval. Kenn mentions this in his story and I'm glad he pointed it out.

Real DOT helmets aren't for everyone, and fit is WAY more finicky than with our Novelty lids, but if you want one that serious thought and testing went into, the Hustler is worth considering.


Unknown said...

Got a Hustler in December, by far the best helmet I have ever had. Also it takes the attention away from my ugly face. GOOD TIMES


Seamus said...

How does it fit on fat Irish heads?

Bill said...

Check the sizing chart Seamus: http://www.biltwellinc.com/helmets.php

XL goes to about 61/62cm.

Seamus said...

Thanks Bill. What's the word on new colors? Summer? Fall? I think there was a post awhile back.

Bill said...

Not going to answer that since every time I do, I just put my foot in my mouth! We are working on additional colors. We'll announce them when we have them in hand and ready to ship.

Seamus said...

As someone who lives half my life with my foot in my mouth...sounds great. Primer plum crazy purple would get my vote.