Finally on the Road

I finally caved in, hopped in Otto's truck and went to Rico's for some help on Joel's old bike. It's really nice to have a patient friend who can lend real skills when you need them and Rico is a generous dude who's probably forgotten more than I'll ever learn. The fancy old PM calipers up front are still giving us fits, but we chased leaks and stripped holes and I have to split them tomorrow and replace the o-rings, it's about the only thing left, we've been through everything else. A few blasts around the back streets of Pomona, some fine-tuning, three different air cleaners and it's running like a scalded ape. This thing gets it! Voltage regulator was bad, so I'm picking up a new one in the AM. People all over are scrambling to get ready for Born Free and man, I'm glad to not be in that boat. Good luck, Craze! I'm just finally getting back on this project after months of other priorities getting in the way of finishing it off. I think I'm gonna ride Sumo's Honda to BF3 anyway, but it's nice to have this one rideable. I guess it's time to actually register it, get some legal tags and do some real shakedown miles. Thanks Rico!


Anonymous said...

lovely sportster

Anonymous said...

RICO is a ruler