New Honda Project?

Doug over in San Clemente, CA just got a Honda CB engine all rebuilt by Dennis and sadly has to bail on the project, so it's for sale. This would be a pretty sweet deal to pick up and finish, a lot of the heavy lifting (and spending) has been done. Needs carbs and a tank. From Doug:

I couldn't go less than the cost of the rebuilt motor which was $800. Any lower than that and I will save it for a rainy day rigid project down the road. The frame, D.I.D. Wheels, stock parts etc etc will all be thrown in, even help u load it and have a beer with u in my garage and pet the dog! Can't beat that! Dennis did all the motor work so I'll stand behind it as I know he will too. Does need carburetors which Dennis can provide and also a tank. 
email is sanclementemayor@yahoo.com
1977 Honda cb750f SS

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Riki Rachtman said...

Ok I just put my Thruxton Street TRacker up on Ebay so if my bike sells and this motor has not. We will talk