Philo Beddoe Family Reunion 2011

Tell Grandma to put down the 12 gauge and grab the bikini, Gabe's throwin' a pool partay. No matter where you are coming from, the roads through the Sierras of Northern California are peg-scrapin' chopper goodness. We had a great time at the Philo last year, and though we can't make it this time 'round we are still sending a big ol' box of raffle goodies. The one thing you have to appreciate about anything Afterhours does is the chow. Gabe and Lois cook up some mean food and I'm sure this year will be no different. Have fun!

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Hermit said...

If that poor bird eats too much of that Twinkie he'll drop out of the sky, dead, before he makes it 400 yards.