Spotted in the woods

  I saw this guy pushing his moto in the woods,
went over to see if I could help, and what do you know...
Biltwell represent!
Turns out his spark plug wire came loose, he was up and running in no time.
Stoked to have met you Christopher.
Living in the woods has been great,
dirtmotos, guns, camp fires, wizard chasing, rad birds, crazy a.m. radio listening, and tons of stars.
More Colorado Dirtmoto Bronaza pics coming soon.


Bill said...

Hell yeah, we sent tech support!

blackmilk7 said...

Rob, man I wish I was with you out there. Got a dirt moto last weekend so maybe see you the next stint! Cheers Julian

Internet1%er said...

Miss you guys. And you other guys MISSed it. Since I'm who they say I am. I say this was the 1st annual BrOnAnZA.
Mark your calenders!

Tyler said...

Rode some dirt out at Crow Canyon in Ohio today, but that is a far cry from what you guys are up to. Wish I could be there!

Rob said...

There is still a month to go before headed back to Tejas. Come on out, The dirt is great!

Christopher said...

Hell yeah! Ill get in touch, let me know when your back in colorado!