This Seat's Bananas

We've gotten quite a few inquiries about fitting the Banana seat on other bikes, from Jap bikes, to Triumphs and Dynas. The simple answer is "no". This pan is made to fit the rails of a '86-'03 Sportster perfectly. Of course, you can buy the pan and foam combo and maybe carve that up and customize it to fit, then recover it, but it won't be a direct bolt-on. Here's the dimensions if it helps figure things out.

Anyone got any more pics of their bike with the Banana mounted up? If so, please post them on our facebook wall so we can check them out!


Anonymous said...

are there any plans for a 04-11 seat?

would be great!!

Bill said...

Anonymous, we are working on a rubbermount version, but it won't be exactly the same. Too many changes to the frame and tank on the later bikes. It will be similar though, narrow as possible. Stay tuned, it'll be next year some time.