My friends Keith and Balls planned a quick trip for yesterday, what we call a S24ON, that's a "Sub-24 Hour Overnighter". Big Bear was the destination and I picked the spot to meet up - The Rim Sports Bar in Crestline. I didn't know it had been through some changes since the last time I visited. Changes for the better I might add. Now, granted, every bar along a twisty highway hangs a bunch of Harley trash on the walls and tries to be a roadhouse, but the stuff hanging in the Rim is way better than that. Much of the photos are of local dudes back in the 40's and 50's around the mountain, down in Berdoo, racing, etc. The images are awesome but the epicenter of the bar is a 1970 Sporty sitting on the mantel. It's been drained of all fluids for a long time, but still has a stack of newspapers under it as it continues to ooze. Now, generally I get kinda bummed when I see a bike hung in a bar, no longer Riding the Wild Thunder and turned into a still life decoration. However, one of historical significance is a little different, and if the story behind this bike is true (and the bar manager swears it is) then this bike is worthy. As the story goes, Harley for a period of years would give Evel Knievel the first XR750 off the production line, ending in the numbers 001. This is that bike for the year 1970. I don't think this was an actual jump bike, but it was the one George Hamilton used in 1971 in the movie Viva Knievel. Long story I know, but if you want a cold beer and a little local history lesson, head up to Top Town in Crestline and check out the Rim. More pics from the ride coming a little later.

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